2011 • Finding Balance in Rhythm

March 3, 2011
  • December 2–4, Port Townsend WA more info
  • November 11–13, Honolulu HI more info
  • September 23–25, Redwood City CA more info
  • May 20–22, Dallas TX more info
  • 2012 dates TBA, Salt Lake City UT

Isn’t it interesting how our basic assumptions of life allow us to keep balance in our day-to-day existence?

Suddenly, crisis occurs. The ground shifts beneath our feet and the path appears less clear. Our definition of ourself is called into question.

The TaKeTiNa rhythm process provides a powerful place in which to weather upheaval and change. In the shelter of this rhythm circle, we calm our minds by embracing the flow of stepping, clapping, and call-and-response singing. As we surrender, doubt and fear dissolve. Once again, we find our equilibrium: a new way of approaching life.

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2010 • Being Transparent in Rhythm

May 23, 2010

In this sophisticated world, it is challenging to take the time to be a beginner. Defensively, we hide behind our masks, feeling deeply insecure about what we don’t know, and often not even knowing we don’t know.

Join us for two and a half days, to explore and celebrate Being Transparent in Rhythm.


2009 • Ground Floor Rhythm

April 18, 2009
  • Redwood City CA • December 4-6
  • Honolulu HI • November 13-15 • details
  • Austin TX • October 16-18 • details
  • Redwood City CA • June 5-7 • details

  • feetWe have used our feet to enter and stay in rhythm since we were children.

    In American culture, childhood games such as jumping rope and hopscotch help us fine-tune balance, spatial orientation, and timing.  We sing rhymes and songs to accompany these games, turning our voices into “timekeepers.”

    This same rhythmic knowledge is found in other indigenous cultures, with rituals and dances, accompanied by drumming, chanting, and voice.

    Our feet, whether through jumping rope or ritual dance, carry us into a profound connection with the ground beneath us.

    Enter the TaKeTiNa rhythm circle and explore your relationship to the ground. Experience becoming a “timekeeper” with voice and hands and rattle.  You can make your journey into rhythm as simple or complex as you wish as you learn to rest in your connection with the ground beneath your feet.


    winter 2008/2009 • Chaos or Order?

    October 8, 2008


  • Redwood City CA • Dec 5-7 • details
  • Maui HI • Dec 10 • details
  • Honolulu HI • Dec 12 & 13-14 • details
  • Austin TX • Jan 9-11 • details

  • Register online through villageheartbeat.com 

    Which do you prefer?

    Do you, like most of us, choose to align yourself with the world of order? Borders, boundaries, known territory allow us to feel safe and secure; order is aesthetically pleasing, polite, and civilized. Yet, order can turn to rigidity, mindless repetition, and a narrowed view of life.

    The world of chaos challenges us.

    We are reluctant to seek out that which is unpredictable, unreliable, or confusing. But haven’t you perhaps found that brief periods of chaos allow you to let go, and re-examine your world, your choices, and what you value?

    During a TaKeTiNa workshop…

    …you can investigate chaos as a healthy and vital ingredient, necessary for learning. Clapping, stepping, and singing simultaneously opens the door into inner knowing. Learning with the whole body, in rhythm, prepares you to experience the friendly and healing aspect of chaos in a nurturing environment.